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Financial Planning & Management Corporation

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Financial Planning & Management Corporation

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At Financial Planning & Management Corp., advisors will work with you to develop a financial strategy to meet your goals.

Financial Planning

Long-term financial success doesn't happen by chance. Each area of your financial life can have an impact (positive or negative) on your other goals. Understanding these interrelationships is important as you deal with ongoing economic issues. Financial planning is a life-long process that assists you and your family in taking control of your financial future. By setting financial goals, developing strategies, and monitoring the progress on a regular basis, the likelihood of achieving your results is greatly increased.

Retirement Planning

Perhaps one of the greatest financial challenges you will face in your lifetime is preparing adequately for your retirement.We will help you create a plan that will assess your current financial situation, determine the retirement lifestyle for your future, review the many options available; including 401k rollovers and put solutions in place to help ensure you achieve the retirement of your dreams.

Risk Management

Assets that take years to accumulate can be consumed in a fraction of the time after a breadwinner dies or when an individual requires specialized care on an extended basis. Whether you are looking for temporary protection, lifelong protection, an efficient transfer of assets through your estate, or cash value accumulation, our expertise in providing risk management solutions can help create a protection plan to fit your needs.

Estate Planning

You work your whole life to build your estate. Building a lasting legacy takes more than simply accumulating a large portfolio. You need a solution that remains flexible and allows you to maintain control of your assets. Together with our network of legal and accounting professionals,we will structure a customized estate plan personally designed for you.

Business Planning

No business can be successful without a long-range plan. Business owners have special needs.We can help you anticipate those needs and help you develop a plan that will accomplish your specific financial objectives, including Business Succession, Business Continuation, Executive Benefits and Compensation, Employee Benefits, Risk Management and Personal Planning.

Executive Benefits

Your business may well depend on the critical contributions of a few executives. Executive benefit products are designed to retain key employees using innovative funding solutions. Because we specialize in executive benefits, you can trust that you'll receive world-class, customized solutions for your business situation.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefit programs are crucial to maintaining your key employees. We can help you design a customized employee benefit program that will help you attract and retain quality employees.